Arbors and Rain Covers

Visually pleasing, top of the line construction

Pride is taken in designing a structure that once complete, looks as though it was part of the original house and not an add on. Rain covers no longer need a solid roof with the new plastics on the market. A shade arbor can easily be transformed to have rain protection with only a slight slope to remove the water, and be visually pleasing and almost unnoticed.

Pergolas have the same accent on more elaborate detail, trim and material dimensions. The construction is done right the first time to last and be enjoyed for many years.

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CODI Arbor 11
CODI Arbor 10
CODI Arbor 9
CODI Arbor 8
CODI Arbor 7
CODI Arbor 6
CODI Arbor 5
CODI Arbor 4
CODI Arbor 3
CODI Arbor 2
CODI Arbor 1