Ironwoods typically used are - Angelium Pedra, Garapa, Tigerwood, Cumaru & Ipe
Ironwoods from Brazil are amongst the hardest woods on the planet and recommended for high traffic areas. We recommend oiling hardwood decks to bring out and maintain the richness of the color. We don’t recommend staining hardwoods. These are the most durable woods on the market and provide long lasting beauty with natural preservatives in the wood. 

General characteristics of the most used Ironwood are listed below;

Angelium Decking is the softest hardwood decking that we use and is the only one that can be fastened down using a nail gun. Angelium decking is orange/reddish/brown in color and has a tight wave veins. Angelium offers a 25+ year lifespan without preservatives. With time in the sun it quickly darkens to a smoky amber color. Angelium Decking comes in 1.25" thickness only.


New Decking
After Aging 1 Year

Garapa Decking is a gorgeous light yellow to a warm golden hue in color and has tight wavy veins. Garapa is naturally scratch resistant which allows the surface to remain smooth for many years. Garapa comes in 1.25" thickness only. 

Tigerwood Decking is one of the finest quality hardwoods available and features a unique golden-brown to reddish-brown coloring with exotic black and brown streaks. Tigerwood is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is the third hardest decking we use. Tigerwood is available in thicknesses between 3/4" and 1.5". 

1x6 Tigerwood
1x4 Tigerwood with Ipe Trim

Cumaru Decking this is an exquisite hardwood with a rich display of golden tan to reddish brown colors and dark grain accents. Cumaru is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attack. Cumaru decking is used in mansions, five star hotels, and major commercial projects. Cumaru is available in thicknesses between 3/4" and 3.5" and widths up to 8 inches. 

Ipe Decking is the hardest wood on the planet and is an extremely dense, tight-grained wood. Generally a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. Ipe veins are so tight they are not discernable. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Ipe wood is available in thicknesses between 3/4" and 3.5" and widths up to 12 inches. 

New Decking
After Aging 4 Years


16" x 16" Ipe Tile - To be fastened to concrete or solid surfaces

Messmer’s Deck Sealer & Cleaner

Messmer’s U. V. PLUS for Hardwood Decks is an oil based product that penetrates deeply, protecting and conditioning all hardwoods such as Ipe, Teak, Cumaru and Angelium, while maintaining a natural appearance. It has been produced with professional results in mind, providing exceptional penetration, water repellency and U. V. protection. In most cases it is recommended to apply a second light coat six to seven months after the initial coating. Thereafter, oiling the deck once a year is adequate. We have found that applying a light coat with a sponge mop every several months maintains the decking’s vibrant color much longer in the Texas sun. Just as a note, all decking under the Texas sun will darken even though the integrity of the wood has not been damaged.

Messmer’s Deck cleaner or Oxyclean are good products to help clean stains and the effects of aging from your decking. We can provide Messmer’s cleaner for you. Oxyclean can be purchased at most major grocery stores and Target.