Flagstone & Pavers

Flagstone is best mortared to a 4" thick reinforced concrete slab for the longest life and best drainage. Colored mortar is used in joints if required for a more natural blend. Flagstone comes in a range of colors with sizes up to 2’6” x 3’6”.

Type M cement can be used where more compression strength is required at 2500psi at 28 days.

Type N masonry cement (750 psi 28 days) will be used for best bonding strength on all brick work.

Pavestones (Concrete Pavers) come in different patterns, colors, sizes and styles. Pavers can be purchased having straight edges (clean looking), or tumbled (giving an aged look). For construction the ground is excavated to a depth of 4" to 6", depending on preferred use. Then one inch of sand is spread on top of the compacted base to provide a level surface for the pavers to set on and be graded to the desired slope. After pavers are set in place, Torpedo sand is swept over the top, lightly filling the voids and locking the pavers into place. This process creates the most stability in pavestone patios.