Treated Yellow pine decking

Even though #1 Treated yellow pine decking is advertised to last about 25 years, we have found that it has between 15 and 20 years before needing to be replaced in Houston. Rounding the deck edges, which we recommend, is visually attractive and it helps to eliminate the splintering which occurs over time. Some people stain yellow pine decks to help slow the aging process. We don’t recommend staining because the wood does not take the stain well, wears unevenly and it requires repeated staining. We have found that Mesmer's hardwood deck oil to be a good alternative.

Composite Decking

Although composite decking is hotter in the sun than wood, Fiberon's composite decking using ground-breaking technology provides the most resilient surface material available for the ultimate is stain, fade, splinters, termites, decay and mold resistance. They back up their claims with the industry's first Stain and Fade Warranty -- now 20-year Performance Warranty.